Donate Fodder

If you've got some hay you can donate we'd be most grateful! We can most likely make arrangements to come and pick it up if you can't deliver it yourself.  

Fodder Donations

You don't have to be a Lion to help...

We have many volunteers who help us often with hay donations, transport and sponsorship or even just once a year at our major fundraiser or on convoys.

Any donations made after February 26 2021 are fully tax deductible.  

Cheque's both personal & bank should be made out to:
Need for Feed Australia & post to:
Lions Club of Victoria

Need for Feed 
P.O. Box 291,
Beaconsfield Upper Vic. 3808​

Direct bank deposit:
Bendigo Bank
Account Name :

Need for Feed Australia


Account Number: 185016920

How You Can Help

We welcome all fodder donations from hay, non perishable household goods to dog food and other types of animal feed, and of course money donations to assist us in our efforts.

We can't do this without your help!

​Remember, as in all Lions Projects, 100% of all donations go to where they were intended.
We're all volunteers. Nothing is retained for administration.

Donate Money

​​Yes, we do have costs for fuel to keep the trucks rolling. We're always looking for funds so we can help more farmers. 

We now accept PayPal payments now for your convenience

keep in mind there is about 1.5% fee

Donate Time

We're always looking for people to help us source and deliver feed for farmers in need.